Anorectal Manometry Study

Anorectal Manometry

An anorectal manometry study is used to show muscle function of the rectum and the anal sphincter. The test can show abnormalities of the anal sphincter muscle which cannot be seen with other examinations.

The Procedure

The procedure will take place in an examination room with no sedation. You will be lying on a patient bed  with your clothing removed from the waist down and linen keeping you covered as much as possible. The study usually takes about 20 minutes.

  • A small flexible tube (about 1/4″ in diameter) is gently placed into the rectum about 3-4 inches
  • The tube is moved slightly to record pressures within the rectum and the anal sphincter

Preparing For Your Appointment

One of our nurses will contact you a few days prior to your appointment to confirm your exam time and answer any questions you may have. A Registered Nurse, who is a certified gastrointestinal clinician, will be performing the study.

After Your Appointment

Preliminary findings will be discussed with you immediately after the study. However, your physician may ask you to return for another appointment once a more detailed review of your study can be made.

After the examination, you may drive yourself home and resume normal eating habits and behavior.


Anorectal manometry studies are very low risk procedures. As with any procedure, complications can occur, but they are rare. It is possible that a perforation (tearing) or bleeding of the intestinal wall could occur. Equipment failure is extremely unlikely but does remain a remote possibility.