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The Many Talents of Michelle Hendrickx, ARNP

When she is not seeing patients in our Tacoma Clinic, Michelle Hendrickx, ARNP, MSN, ND, is a bit of a jack of all trades; all creative trades that is.


From an early age, Michelle has been exploring her creative side, designing and creating pieces in a variety of mediums. From wood to glass, paper mache to fabrics, Michelle has yet to meet a creative project she doesn’t like.


“I did a [wood] carving for my dad years ago. Two very large plaques of a Keltic knot design, which were meant to be hung next to each other. Some projects are done with tools, other by hand.” Michelle commented. “I once made a Roman suit of armor just for the fun of it.”


Today, DHS is proud to display Michelle’s work in our Center for Crohn’s and Colitis. “We used to have a waterfall in our lobby and it stopped functioning, so it was removed and stored. Instead of throwing the glass away, I took it home, smashed the big, thick glass – it is almost an inch thick – then I used my grinder and sanded down the edges to make it smooth.” explained Michelle.


“We still weren’t sure what we were going to do with it, so I brought it back in and as we were putting the pieces on the wall, Betty [White] asked if I could make some sort of Roman time piece or Mayan calendar for the center. I went home that weekend, bought a piece of wood, started drawing and then I just carved it with my Dremel. It was easy, it took two days.” Michelle has done other mosaic projects with thin pieces of glass, but noted that this project was different because of the thickness of the glass.


When her son was young, Michelle built him an entire Star Wars set made of paper mache. The set includes the Death Star, Ewok planet, walking vehicles and figurines. All she had to buy to complete the set were a few of the figurines and vehicles. With the renewed interest in the movie franchise, the set that he once played with as a boy is getting attention again today.


Her latest project is quilting for her children. So far, Michelle has made three quilts each for her daughter and son, and the most recent design request is centered around animals. Michelle commented, “It turns out that my kids are a motivation in this direction. They like a certain thing, so I do something significant in this area. We have done tie dye shirts together, but wood carving, glass and metal, I do on my own.”


Michelle has a real creative flair, and we are very proud to display her work at our Tacoma Clinic. Thanks Michelle!


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