Financial Information

Navigating the financial side of healthcare can be confusing, particularly when it comes to health insurance. So, when it is time to schedule a procedure like a colonoscopy, questions surrounding cost and insurance come to the forefront. Here is a breakdown of a few important points:

Hospital or Endoscopy Center?

When you choose a DHS state-of-the art Endoscopy Center, you can feel confident knowing that we use the same equipment, perform the same procedures, with the same risks, by the same physicians as the hospitals. The difference? At DHS, the procedure costs are around 30% less. Yes, you can save approximately 30% by choosing to have your procedure done at DHS rather than in the hospital.

What about my Insurance?

Health insurance can be confusing, and growing more complex all the time. We understand that. First and foremost, it is important that you familiarize yourself with your insurance coverage. Ultimately you are responsible for understanding your plan, but we are here to help. Read your Explanation of Benefits thoroughly and when you call to schedule your procedure, give us all of the information so that we can help you make informed decisions.

So, how much will it ACTUALLY cost?

Knowing the cost for a medical procedure – up front – is important. And it is not only what your insurance will cover, but also what your out-of-pocket expense is going to be, whether you’re insured or not. The costs associated with GI procedures vary widely, based on facility, insurance coverage, type of procedure, etc. While we can’t list every possible cost scenario, this chart¬†breaks down the average costs of common procedures performed at Digestive Health Specialists. And, don’t forget to read the fine print.

Billing FAQs

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