Tacoma Area Gastroenterologists for Better Digestive Health

When you’re in need of a gastroenterologist, turn to the Tacoma area’s foremost gastroenterologists for digestive health. At Digestive Health Specialists, we focus on gastroenterological disorders and diseases, including the esophagus, stomach and intestines. Through a safe test procedure such as a colonoscopy or endoscopy, we can identify potential diseases for early treatment, including colon cancer, stomach cancer, acid reflux diseases and more.


Stop Colon Cancer NOW

Colorectal cancer is the 2nd most deadly cancer in the United States with more than 55,000 deaths annually. It is also highly treatable and often times curable disease when caught early and localized to the bowel.
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Meet Our Providers

Our staff includes physicians, certified physicians assistants, and nurse practitioners, along with more than 200 nurses and administrative employees, all with a wealth of knowledge and experience. The Digestive Health Specialists are the leaders in quality, comprehensive digestive health care.
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Lastest News

Reports Regarding Infections From Endoscopes

We are aware of the recent news reports which state that a very rare type of bacterium which typically causes diarrhea can be transmitted via a certain type of endoscope.  This bacterium is resistant to many (but not all) antibiotics, …

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A Young Man’s Battle with Crohn’s Disease & How He Overcame.

Everyday we see patients living with Crohn’s disease. Crohn’s disease symptoms may vary over time and from person to person depending on what part of the gastrointestinal tract is inflamed. The most common form of Crohn’s affects the ileum and …

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